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Boyfriend is less attentive, what can I do?


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My boyfriend and I have been together for 8 months, at the beginning he was the sweetest, he used to text me all day, gave me flowers and other details and wanted to see me almost everyday. we even took a trip across Europe during 2 months. But now he has a lot of stress with his job and his family so he text me just a few messages through the day, wants to see me like 2 times a week and almost never is his idea to see me. He used to be so romantic and now he is distant and doesn't say nice things to me, he almost never initiates dates and even when he says he loves me more than ever I feel lonely.

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The best thing to do in your situation is to back off. I know your instincts are probably to chase after him but that will likely make him feel smothered. If the problem really is job and family stress then you getting really needy right now will only add to the list of things he has to deal with.


That doesn't mean you should ignore your own needs and wants, however. By backing off you'll likely be able to see where you rate with this guy. He'll either step up--great--or he won't. If he won't, then that is your indication that the relationship has sadly probably run its course and that you should move on to a man who has more time for you.

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None of that **** is sustainable.


I totally agree! It would drive me nuts, lol. OP, you say he has a lot of stress with his job and family. Cut the guy some slack. He still texts you through the day. Surely that's enough for now. Right now he needs to focus on whatever is going on at his job. Be more understanding. Go out and do things with your friends, join a gym, go jogging, etc etc. You get the picture. You should never rely on him for your happiness.

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