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Why is he doing this?


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So me and my boyfriend broke up about 1/5 months ago, and we were together for 3 years. My first post is about the breakup if people are interested.


There is just something I am really annoyed and confused by. When we were together he really did not like Instagram and complained about me posting to much, and also never being a supportive boyfriend (i get sponsored by brands and love taking pictures). When we broke up, he suddenly started posting a lot, posting instastories and opened his profile. But today he suddenly deactivated his account, so I am confused. When we were together I also told him that he should try to cut his beard and hair a certain way, but he always said no and did not like it that way. Now that we aren’t together, he has cut his hair and beard the EXACT way that I wanted him to.

I also work at a makeup store, on the local center where he lives. And today he went through that store, even if he knows that I work there on saturdays. There are plenty of other ways to go through, but he chose the way were the makeup store is.


I just don’t understand his behavior? Is he just trying to annoy me or what? I am so confused

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I went back and read your threads about this relaitonship.


It seems it was very on-off, and not healthy anymore. You two both need time to grow and mature on your own, as it was very clearly not working any longer. Is he trying to annoy you now? Maybe. But you need to realize that a guy who behaves like that is immature and won't be able to offer you the love and stability you're looking for.


As I recall, you are both still very young. The ending of your first serious relationship is tough, but there is a reason nearly all first loves come to an end. People grown and change and want to move on. Now is your time for that.

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