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Finally met a friend who I’ve known online for 3 and a half years


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Hey all,


So I’m 23. When I was 19, I met a girl online and we got on really well. She lives 100 miles away so it’s not too far. Texted all the time, hasn’t a good laugh, Skyped etc etc. About 6 months down the line we started talking about meeting up. Long story short it didn’t happen because of a mistake I made. We didn’t talk for a few months and then we resumed. We planned on meeting again but she ended up in a relationship with someone else before we managed to arrange anything. We carried on talking through the months she was with this person, we were only friends so I thought nothing of it. During this time I too got myself into a relationship and we still talked during this. This went on for about 2 years. While in a relationships we both thought it would be better to meet up as single people. Come m

May of this year, we were both single and started talking about trying to meet again. She had a lot on with university and me work, so we decided to prospone. Long story short, we finally met up 2 weeks ago! We went bowling, went for a twilight walk in a lovely park, it was all great. I held her hand and she didn’t flinch so it gave me good feelings. At the end of the night I really wanted to kiss her but I bottled it. I drive home and when I got in I told her I wanted to kiss her that evening, and I asked if I should have and she said yes. At this point I felt like an idiot and that I’d missed out. Since then we’ve been flirting and joking around with each other since until the early hours of the morning. She’s really great and I really like her. Now comes the weird part - she’s not exactly much of an open talker when It comes to feelings and things like that, she’s quite reserved. She calls me a “‘melt” all the time because I can be quite cute and romantic which is the total opposite to her. She doesn’t really complain about it though, she just makes fun of me for it which is pretty funny and makes us both laugh. Anyway, I’ve been trying to arrange another time to come see her. I’ve suggested numerous ranges of dates which would be good for me and asked if they were good for her, and I’ve just been met with “we’ll see, I’m a little busy with work” which I know she is as I saw loads of her work when I met her a few weeks ago, and she does have a lot on. I decided to leave it another week before asking again, and this time she seems to just try change the subject. It’s confusing me because the middle of last week she said “maybe I should come see you this time considering you came to me this time?”

This week she seems kind of dis-interested, so I’m not sure what’s going on. I feel like I’m bugging her by just talking to her. I feel like maybe I should just leave her to start the conversations with me if she’s interested? She’s never ignored a text from me before, but I feel like she probably would if she was truely disinterested.


This is kind of just a big mashup of my thoughts, I just want to get a better perspective of what’s going on here! I can’t tell whether she’s interested in me, or just likes the chase?

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