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Guy I'm seeing flirting with other girls.


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Hey everyone!


I'm really confused. I really like this guy and he likes me too, been going out for almost a month now and we are exclusively seeing each other. We have not labeled our status yet but we're quite serious. Last night he took me to one of his friends birthday party, and introduces me to his circle of friends, it was lovely and everything was good and we had fun. One thing I noticed though was that the whole time we were dancing and having fun, he was constantly dancing with this particular girl even though I was also around. I didn't want to be clingy or demanding that's why I have not stopped him from going around or dancing anyone and wasn't asking him to stick with me because we were obviously at his friends, so when he was dancing with this girl I wasn't really bothered at first until I noticed that it seems he was constantly dancing with her, they were having fun dancing And He even lifted the girl up. I was shocked and upset that he lifted the girl and I was there in front of them. I hugged everyone and said my goodbyes, Called cab And left the party. He noticed me and followed outside and was confused why I got into the cab. Sent me series of questions through text and I replied saying goodbye to him via text goodbye as in ending what we have and was ignoring his calls and he wasn't happy that I left.

This morning I replied to his messages and explain the reason why I left. He said it was just for fun that's why he lifted the girl.. to me that was out of order and disrespectful. Why would he do such things in-front of the girl he is seeing? I said that if he was at my friends part and barely know anyone and would see being lifted with one of my guy friends ,he probably wouldn't like it and he's Response was "he probably wouldn't mind" we have a different perspective but for me lifting someone whilst you're date or gf/wife is around isn't very nice. I'm not sure if I over reacted.


I want us to carry on however that picture of him lifting the girl keeps playing in my mind. I feel like I couldn't trust because of another reason that link to the current situation.


The other reason is when he was chatting up with me the very first time I met him through a friend 2 mos ago.. he was with someone.. I found this out just recently when we started going out and confessed that's why he wasn't very keen in meeting up with me before (although he was the one that wanted to meet up for a drink but bailed twice due to "work") it's cos he was seeing someone else. I asked how long they've been together he said only 6 weeks and he was only single 2 weeks ago from when we had that convo. I said 2 weeks is still fresh and he responded "we were just hooking up not really serious"


So I don't know where I stand here now, I feel like he gets attracted easily to girls and would chat up with them even though he's seeing me.


What do you guys think I should do?? I really like him, I think I've fallen for him.

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Honestly? I think his behavior was a bit tacky, but I think you overreacted in walking out on him.


Now, is it possible that the guy is untrustworthy? Is it possible that he was blatantly flirting with her out of an attraction? Yes. But it's also possible that he just thought he was having some harmless fun. I mean, he did do it right in front of you.


In your case, I think your best move would be to apologize and admit that you overreacted a bit, but then explain your boundaries as far as what is and isn't acceptable to you in how a boyfriend acts around other women, and ask if he thinks he can honor and respect those boundaries, and then go from there depending on how he answers.

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I just think this is how he is. He's a flirter, and he's a guy who likes to chat up girls. He was this way before you met him, and in fact, you met him while he was with someone else, and he chatted you up. Now that he's seeing you, he's still chatting up other girls.


He will chat up girl after girl after girl.


What should you do? I know what I'd do.....I'd get out before my feelings get really involved.


As for you, well you have to decide.....is this type of behavior something you can live with? If so, then sure, stick around. It sounds like it bothers you, hence your post.

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