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I'm scared I'm going to lose him.


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I love my bf. A lot. I'd do anything for him and he's someone extremely important in my life. But I think I ed up.

So long story short I used to date a guy and well to be honest I did really like him and we did have good times together. But it didn't work out but we just never had closure, we just stopped talking.

Also important detail: he found someone else and so did I. He looks happy with his relationship and I'm very happy with mine.

Anyways, he owes me money tho so he sends me monthly payments on the money he owes me. So this week he texted me quick about the money and we were just being super bland with each other and suddenly he told me that he stills thinks about me and that I've made such an impact in his life and that he's thankful for it. So I replied with saying that I care about him and that he's going to be someone special to me. So with that I felt that was the closure I needed. I don't plan on talking to him that way again, only about payments.

Well anyways, today I left my phone in my car and asked my bf if he can get it. So he took a while and I went down to check he quickly said that he felt dizzy. From there he started acting strange and just went to bed. I know he's mad. He's never acted this way.

I'm sure he saw the texts so I'm just scared he's gonna break up with me

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"he's going to be someone special to me"?!? This almost sounds as though it's up and coming.


I think you need to do damage control and talk to your boyfriend and be honest with him. Tell him that you spoke to your ex and it was about closure and not ending as enemies but nothing more and you don't ever plan on being friendly with him again.


Being honest and straight forward will be much more better than trying to hide and avoid.

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