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Don't trip on your closets skeletons


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After 7 years removed from a 10 year relationship,im now 34. my ex is re-married and has a baby girl. i cant seem to find anyone whose not crazy or a drug addict in our town. although my past is a horror show, ive been able to transcend most of the BS and have come out a wiser more humble person. but it scares everyone away and im not sure how to move forward. im missing very few things in my soul and a for a "higher ground" i think its time for a companion.someone who knows the little things,who sees you for who you really are , and who can enjoy the things in this world ive found in my travels with me. i dont know what to do,ive done quite a bit of ground work ,im not unexperienced. so now this,i guess ive come here ............

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