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Ask my brother's friend out?


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I'm almost 30. I shouldn't still need a pep talk and advice on boys but somehow I still do.


Nutshell version, I saw one of my brother's friends at a thing, he called out to me and we chatted for a few minutes.


He is my type, we have a lot in common and I find him ridiculously good looking. I've been trying my hat at online dating and haven't seen to much to write home about. It has made me a bit bolder about approaching guys. But I don't want to be too forward and scare off potential guys.


He added me back on Instagram (I know right!)-- I already have his phone number from ages ago and we are Facebook friends.


I would like to ask him out for coffee but am needing some advice or encouragement.


What exactly should I say.


I was think of Instagram messaging "Hey X, it was fun running into you the other day. Any chance you'd be interested in going to coffee sometime?"



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