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Ive dated this girl for just over two years our relationship started off great. We were in love and I could see myself marrying this girl. A few things have happened in the past year where it tested our relationship and her trust for me decreased. we have broken up and gotten back together a few times in the past 6months everything is fine then one thing sets her off. two weeks ago she completely ended things she told me she would never want to be with me again and the love she has for me is no longer there. I cant feel like that is completely true due to all the times weve gotten back together. But since Monday she hasn't talked to me or answered any of my phone calls my number isn't blocked I can still text her I tell her how much I miss her and that I love her but no response. I found out that shes on dating websites and talking to guys already to occupy her time. I asked her why she needs to be on the sites and why shes talking to these guys and she says to be just friends. I love this girl and we were talking about getting married during the summer. I don't know what to do if I should move on forget about her or wait for her to come back. what do I do?

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Same thing happened to me. My ex kept going back and forth about our relationship. I was completely in love with her and then she started talking to other guys all the time. It’s hard to deal with this when you are so completely in love with that person and then they leave you. Try not to think too much about it. Also remind yourself that if she doesn’t wanna be with you she wasn’t the one. Even if u did get back together would u really wanna be with someone who had ditched you multiple times. If they do that to you they probably aren’t the one for you. Also you shouldn’t have any contact with your ex. This is the hardest part but it really helps. You can’t have contact for a long time. Even one slip up will send you back to where u started.

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You really kind of skimmed over the "A few things happened that tested our relationship and her trust for me decreased" part.

So if you cheated the other partner has two options.

1. Forgive and forget. Meaning accepts that the cheating happened and is willing to move on and put it behind them and the trust is regained.

2. Does not forgive and forget and the trust does not come back.


It is very hard to not forgive someone and still be in a relationship with them. No matter what you do, it will be questioned. Sounds like to me that she never forgave the reason why the relationship was tested. And/or decided enough or I'm going to get my revenge or if he cheated then Ill cheat.. Take your pick, either way the relationship is over.


There is nothing you can do at the moment. She is on dating sites and she is looking for another guy or guys. She will most likely kiss another guy and have sex with them. The only thing you can do is nothing. If she decides to come back to you, she has to do this on her own. If she hasn't forgiven you, she will have to find forgiveness for you or just let you go. Until then, you have to move forward with your life. If she wants you, she knows how to find you

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This is interesting that you said that because the same thing happened to me. I gave up a lot of close relationships with other people to spend more time with this girl. This may be one reason you are feeling down because now it all seems for nothing. But don’t feel like you completely lost. You did learn valuable lessons and although being with the person you love is better than learning a lesson, it is helpful. Everyone goes through a major heartbreak before they find their true soulmate. One quote that really helped me was a quote that said “u lost someone who didn’t love u, but they lost someone who did”. This shows that they’re the real ones who should be sad. This doesn’t necessarily mean that this person will miss u, but they definitely are missing out on someone who would have given them anything. At least ur not losing someone who loved u as much as u loved them because I feel like that would actually be harder. Also block that person before u see something u don’t wanna see. U may feel like u would want to know if ur exc was dating someone new, but u don’t wanna know. Once u know u will be constantly thinking about what ur ex is doing and if they like their new guy better than u. It’s just better to not know. Nevertheless, if u do find out ur ex is dating someone new, realize that they are missing out on u and doesn’t deserve u if they don’t care abt u. I hope it helps.

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