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How to get around controlling best friend?


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Hey guys. Basically, I've got suspicions that my best friend is trying to sabotage my crush. We go to uni in Manchester together and were very close for a while but over the last year I've realised she is very selfish and can be controlling - I think due to the fact that she is incredibly insecure. She found out two weeks ago that I have feelings for her school friend (who also lives in Manc) who I get on well with (but I'm not sure of his feelings back) and has never once said something encouraging. She accused me of going off without her on a night out so I could hang around with him even though when I asked her to come with me to the toilet she said no, and I had just lost the rest of the group and he was the first one I found. She then accused me of not messaging her to find her and when I pointed out she hadn't messaged me either she had nothing to say.


I was meant to go to her flat to hang out last week (said boy lives with her) and she cancelled last minute when I was about to leave claiming she was too tired but I believe she's just trying to stop me seeing him. There have been other little moments which I have noticed and overall I just don't think she's acting like the best friend of someone who has a crush. It should be fun and exciting but it feels very much like she's trying to stop it in its tracks.


Another friend has said she is jealous which I do agree with, a) because I think she's insecure and doesn't want to be second in my life and b) because I'm free to flirt with this guy and have fun when I know she's currently doubting her own relationship. I don't really know what to do - she is my link to this guy considering she lives with him and I also don't want to lose her because most of the time we get on incredibly well and have a real laugh together, but I'm well aware of the fact I shouldn't trust her. Any advice basically?!?! Thanks

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Ugh. Too many teenage games going on here. Get your crush's phone number and call/text him directly. That takes your friend out of the picture. If she gets too controlling and selfish, dump her and you've got an actual connection with your crush that bypasses her.

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