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I Like to Drink A Lot and My Friends Think That's an Issue. How Can I Talk to Them About It?


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I am a 21yo college student. I like to drink to get drunk, but it takes a lot of drinks for me to get there (5+/night), because I am a 230lb male. I don't do this often, only on Fridays or Saturdays every other weekend. I've never blacked out and have only thrown up twice since I started drinking a little more than a year ago. I am also comfortable drinking by myself if my friends aren't available, which I know carries some stigma.


Given all this, a two of my friends, meaning well, are concerned that I have issues with alcohol consumption. I know binge drinking is not great for your health, but I also know that I'm young and have a limited time window where this kind of behavior is socially acceptable. Frankly, I enjoy the feeling of alcohol, and I am (at least I think) pretty fun when I'm drinking. I've never had problems with getting angry or sad, I mostly just dance and talk politics.


However, I still want to maintain a good relationship with my friends. I know they mean well, but I don't see any problem as long as I'm not passing out or throwing up or otherwise endangering myself/others.


So: 1) what are others' opinion on this situation? Do you think I have a problem? And 2) how should I address my friends' concerns? Should I change my behavior? Or just explain to them my point of view?



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Needing that many drinks means you have a tolerance.


Blacking out and vomiting are not the only indications of having a problem.


Sounds like you may have a bit of a problem. Try doing things other than drinking and see what happens. If you crave it, then you definitely need to work on cutting back.

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Listen mate at 21 I joined the forces and shagged my way through the British army and drank my weight in alcohol ..a lot ...especially when I was posted to Germany ...live life .. look after yourself , don't take unnecessary risks and tell friends who try to dull your chill that you are happy with your life ..thanks for caring , but each to their own .

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Moderation. Everything in moderation.

Alcoholism comes in two types, chronic and episodic. You are in the beginning stages of alcoholism.

Think about what happens if something stupid happens to you with a momentary lapse of reason while intoxicated.

Accidentally harming someone while intoxicated will get you years of incarceration.

Good luck.

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Alcohol harms your brain, the same brain that won't be fully developed until age 25 in a male. You are using lots of reasons to justify getting hammered too often. You should never drink to the point of getting drunk, it harms your body and your brain. You could be on the way to becoming an alcoholic. If you dont believe me, google the effects of alcohol on the brain. Talk to your doctor, go to an AA meeting.

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