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Me [22 M] with my ex-gf [23 F] 2.5 year long relationship, told me she needs me to tell her she can

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She broke up with me about a month ago because after I graduated for 8 months I was stagnant in my life (living at home with my parents, doing nothing, we were also long distance). She's very driven and wishes I was but waited too long for me to change.


As she went in for her Master's I left the area. We're 6 hours apart now.


She wants to sleep with my friend(s) to **** me over and make me move on but she couldn't do it. They talked in the bedroom for a while and she left. Nothing happened. She texted me everything and said she wants me but only for sex. As well as what's stated in the title. I believe it's hard for her because we were each other's firsts.


Does she still have feelings for me? How do I get her back?


tl;dr: Ex-gf left me a month ago because I was stagnant after graduated for 8 months. She wants to **** me over by having sex with my friends but couldn't do it.

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