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  1. I regularly use forums like Reddit and casually a topic about reconciliation will pop up and I find it interesting, it’s not something I actively look for in forums
  2. I’ve actually seen quite a few reconciliations end up in marriage, but these are usually after atleast 5+ months apart and possibly seeing other people casually. But that’s just my observation
  3. Do you really think he cares about you that much if he walks away so easily and goes to sleep with women a DAY later?
  4. not having any experience isnt an excuse to me a crappy partner. he only changes long enough to keep you convinced and make you stay, however i don't think he is sincere in actually changing and he just wants you so he wont be lonely. in a relationship asking your partner to change SMALL things is ok. what you're asking him to change is a part of his personality, i don't think your relationship will get better if you stay, it will only get worse since you're sending him the message that his behavior is ok when it is not. i don't like telling people to break up with their partner but it sounds
  5. How long have you guys been together? I feel like there are a lot of incompatibilities that you both aren't addressing. -He acknowledges that he's treating you badly and doesn't feel remorseful -Wants to give up on YOU very easily and go sleep with other women -Doesn't seem like he tries to change Is this someone you want to spend your life with if he DOESN'T change? just think about that..
  6. I've been on these forums for a bit now and some other ones too. I've been noticing a trend with timeframes for reconcilations. I've seen a LOT of exes coming back after 3-4 months. Another common timeframe seems to be 8 months for some reason. I've also seen exes coming back after their relationship they shortly jumped into after (only lasting maybe 3-5 months) failed. What do you guys think? What's a common timeframe for reconcilation? Why do you think so many exes come back at these random times? Btw, I'm not looking for hope, I'm not currently going through anything but I just w
  7. In our generation, social media plays a big role in connectivity, socializing, and relationships. Many people use social media as a guideline to let people know what their life is like. After my breakup, I️ was not hesitant to unfollow my ex, and not interact with him via social media. But, he deemed it necessary to like my posts and even follow me on multiple platforms. Why? The mind of a dumpee is constantly at a whirlwind, interpreting everything their ex does in their head as if it were a mathematical equation. Please stop doing this, it will not help you. It is very unlikely that a
  8. The title is self explanatory. A few days ago he messaged me about some twitter drama (nothing to do with me), then after that he messaged me about my pet spider (??), and today he messaged me saying some dumb jokes. I️ haven’t replied to any of these, and he is notified whenever I️ leave him on ‘Seen’. He also makes it a habit to like my photos too. Why would he suddenly a heightened interest in talking to me about dumb things? We broke up almost 2 months ago. Please don’t say block him because we broke up on amicable terms and we have mutual friends. Thanks!
  9. she doesn’t want a committed relationship she wants to have her cake and eat it too. this relationship is not something you want obviously since she keeps going behind your back, why settle? there is a woman out there who will be loyal and respect you. time to block her and move on in my opinion
  10. i know how you feel. 9 months ago my relationship with my first love ended and i thought my world was over. i truly got over him by accepting the fact he may or may not come back and i should be fine with either one. as time went on i knew i definitely will never take him back and that i am glad i took the choice to block him from everything for my own healing. i unblocked him when i didn’t care about him anymore. sending letters will make you look desperate and it will not help him come back. i wrote tons of letters to my ex and he just thought they were pathetic. im sorry you feel this way.
  11. thank you so much. i guess I’m just thinking too much about this, i know he wouldn’t go back to her especially if he broke up with me due to his worries.
  12. he wasn’t manipulative at all. the only problem he has is really bad anxiety, where he broke up with me because of his worries. i have also heard a lot of things about his ex and she is very manipulative and seems to have codependency issues too
  13. Thank you so much for this. I just feel so weird about this. When he broke up with me it was completely impulsive (a few hours before the breakup he said he wanted to work on us and be stronger than ever). Also, he isn’t with his ex and he told me “I’ll never go back to that again” but anything can happen I guess. He is a super closed person so even if he did want to get back with me, it would have to be something you force out of him He broke up with me due to a fear, it just makes no sense because I am not like his ex...
  14. We have mutual friends. Even if I blocked him, he would contact me through them. I have unfollowed him though so I don’t always get updates on his life and I’ve muted him too. I don’t want him to think I hate him or anything or that I have feelings of anger, because I don’t. I just miss him a lot and I don’t understand him.
  15. It’s been a little over the month since the breakup, since then, he’s messaged me 2-3 times about random topics (that I don’t care about), and has continuously liked my things on multiple social media platforms. For the most part I have not contacted him, though when he messaged me about a stupid topic I caved in but I’ve been ignoring him since. We had an extremely strong connection, we were alike in a lot of ways which is maybe one of the reasons why I’m taking this so hard. Basically he broke up with me since he was scared of our relationship getting to a point like his last relationshi
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