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The battle is really with you..Not the other person

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Five years ago I came to enotalone because my first serious relationship ended and I was crushed and in need of "closure". I was goin through it so bad that not only did I reach out to my ex, I messaged her bf on twitter when she didnt reply. When she did reply to me it was the most hurtful text message i had ever gotten and somtimes it bites me to this day lol. I battled with her, her man and even her mother for months before i was able to move on and finally start the long healing process. Shortly after, I got in deep with a female i met off of POF and that ended badly too.


Here I am 5 years later(27 yrs old) and I have all this love and wisdom to give my fellow brokenhearted people. First, I'd like to tell you that your pain will fade with time and self realization. You must know and love yourself above all. Admit your mistakes and forgive yourself for your screw ups. You are only human and you were never created to be perfect. The one you wanted left you and that is okay. It hurts, but the universe is preparing you for something else and it may not have anything to do with sex and relationships.


Please. Please. Please. Work on yourself now. Read books, find out how to work through past trauma in your life, get in shape, find a new hobby, masturbate lol. Just please dont look back or reach out to an ex. Learn about you and become a better you. Love yourself. This stuff is never gonna be easy

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