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I cheated because hes hurt me but i love him? Help....


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I have been with my boyfriend for nearly 2 years. He has betrayed me/ hurt me. I dont know how to get past it . I do love him so much i just feel so hurt and angry. He hasnt cheated, its just left me like w t f. When im drunk , im convinced hes cheated on me.

I did something id never ever do in my life just because i feel hurt.

On a night out i kissed about 15+ different guys. I feel terrible about it alot. Sometimes i feel angry/hurt and feel better that i kissed them ...

I havent told him.. i just feel hurt alot, like how do i get passed it ?

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What did he do that hurt/betrayed you? Have you talked with him about why it's hurt you? If so, has he taken steps to work towards resolving it?


Second, cheating is wrong. You should not have gotten drunk and kissed so many different guys. At least you didn't sleep with them, but it still is dishonest and disloyal. You have your reasons for being upset, but instead of running around kissing people out of vindication, you should work towards resolving that anger in a healthy way with your partner.

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