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Give him space or give him up?


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Hi everyone!

I need some input on some problems I'm facing right now with my boyfriend.


We have been together for a year and in the first 9 months everything was great. He works a lot but I'm also busy with college so it didn't really bother me.

For the last 3 month though, he has pracitially ONLY been working.

He pushes me away, when I try to be supportive, doesn't support me when I'm hurting, doesn't show ANY motivation to spend time with me and if I get him to meet he only wants to sleep and watch tv. He let me down numerous times and doesn't really seem sorry about it.

I now only text him when reacting to his texts, trying to give him space. So far, he didn't show any desire to see me.

I know that he has a hard time at work and I don't want to pressure him but it is very hurtful that it doesn't even seem to bother him that we barely meet or even text anymore.


Should I continue to give him space? I want to talk to him about the situation but don't know how. I barely see him in person and if I try to bring it up he just tells me it will better soon (and makes plans he cancels later on)


I'd be very thankful for your advise

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Sounds like a one sided relationship which isn't much of one. There is no such thing as being too busy! If you mattered to him he would prioritize you into his life, no matter what!


I wouldnt put up with his flakiness. I think honestly you're better off without him, seeing as how he's clearly lost interest and is just keeping you around for a security blanket.


You deserve much better!

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Give him space. Masses of it. If you're not ready to end the relationship, carry on with your life as if he wasn't in it, and do all the lovely things you'd do if you were single - get in touch with people, develop your own interests now you've got a bit more time, all that.


Sure, things can get better for you soon - but if you wait around for this guy, you're going to have an awfully long wait. Don't be that girl!

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Yes don't be that girl. Someone once said here that if someone is interested in you they will ACT interested. I have recently experienced ghosting. It hurts still and I am still struggling but all of this advice is good. Get out. Do you own thing. Meet people. It takes time. More time for some some of us. It hurts like crazy but it isn't you. Someone told me this so I am now telling you.


Good luck

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