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Fear of Public Transportation


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I've been riding the bus on and off for a year now, and I absolutely hate it. Whenever I know I'm going to ride it, I can't sleep the night before and I can barely eat in the morning. I get shaky, my chest begins to hurt, my heart pounds like crazy in my chest and I would rather do anything than ride the bus. I do have social anxiety, so I do know that is what it is. But I can't seem to push myself to get over it. My mom knows how bad it is and has offered to drive me lately, which I know isn't helping the situation. It literary ruins my mood (I.e: makes me depressed) when I think about having to ride the bus for the next 4 months, Monday through Friday.

Anyone have any coping tips/advice they can give me?

I already try and listen to music, which recently hasn't been helping. I guess I just need more ways to get out of my head.

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Well consider the idea that, unlike an airplane, you have the ability to get off at any stop you want if you are overwhelmed and walk for a bit or wait for the next one with fewer people... or take an Uber. But it would help if you can figure out what the issue is. What is your head saying?


As for help, try meditating. Meditating is all about getting out of your head. There is a free app called Insight with lots of free meditations. There is probably one for anxiety. Or you can ask your mom to help you try to find a psychotherapist who can help you get to the root of it.

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Your getting anxiety attacks that's what your physical symptoms are. Anxiety is horrible and I sympathize with you. What you have to do is stop fearing your symptoms. You probably.don't like enclosed spaces and a bus is an enclosed space. There is a great book you should read and it's pretty life changing. Its called....hope and help for your nerves by Claire weekes. Once you stop fearing the fear, you'll slowly begin to feel better. I wish you luck and just know that your not alone.

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