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How can I make my mom see a doctor?


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Hi all, I'm a bit desperate and seeking all the advice I can get. My mom has been quite sick lately, to the point where she doesn't go to work anymore. She's calling in sick everyday. No one is really sure what is wrong with her but she is coughing nonstop and has pain in both her legs. She's unable to walk and spend most days lying in bed.


The bigger problem is even though she isn't feeling well, she refuses to see a doctor. She has insurance and money to do so but for whatever reason refuses. She won't go, no matter how much my dad or I urge her to. I've tried coaxing, begging, guilting her, nothing works.


I'm 7 months pregnant and live several states away so I don't get to see her but will make the drive if I have to. This has been going on for upwards of 8+ months but lately it's been getting worse and I don't know what to do to help. She'a only in her early 60's and I'm fearing the worst can and will happen soon if she continues like this.


Please help!! Any advice or thoughts would be much appreciated!

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Sorry your going through this.


Time for some tough love, your mother is acting like a child. This can happen when they get older, and it can drive you round the bend, back again, few more laps etc.


Get a doctor for your mum right now. If its not possible to have one visit, take her to the car and drive her to the hospital.


Your at that crossover point where you'll sometimes have to make decisions for your mum, when it comes to big things like this.

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Tell her you're calling an ambulance and then do it. The medics will determine if she is physically ailing or its a mental disorder like depression. They can't make her go with them but they can and will give you advice on who you can contact. You can actually have her committed if she is a harm to herself or others and it would certainly appear that she is being a harm to herself by giving up on life.

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