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Is my boyfriend bored of me ?

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Bf and me got into a long distance relationship after dating for 4 years. We'll meet only in October again. Problem is now he's always at his best friend's place and doesn't call me cause of that. He texts me sometimes but not as much as he used to. What should I do. Does he not like me anymore cause he doesn't call and text me as much as he used to? It's been a week since he's gone.

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It's only been a week. Relax a bit. He's likely also getting into new habits and routines, and if he's been hanging with his best friend, he's distracted. Chances are that communication will pick up again after he gets settled in.


In the meantime, get busy with your own stuff so you're not always checking your phone and wondering why he hasn't texted or called.


But a few questions for much-need context: how's your relationship in general? How far away is he now, and why did he leave? Will you two be able to close the distance again at some point in the foreseeable future? How old are you both?

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Well, out of sight out of mind, as they say. Girls talk things over, guys go off to do something. He's off doing something, in this case playing video games. You're not around and he's not thinking about you. Girls are much more romantic than guys. They're pining for their guys while the guys are just going off with their buddies. I'm not saying every guy is like this, but he's obviously not bothered that much by your absence.


During your four years of dating, were you guys getting ready to get married or move in with each other, or were you only casually dating. That might give you an idea why he's the way he is right now. Now, if you're both teens, then you're still young and not ready for marriage, but if you're older, You might need the time to think about whether you're missing something in your relationship, and you may be more serious about it than he is.

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Honestly, I wouldn't worry too much yet.


Your distance is temporary with a definite end point, which is not so far into the future. I think it's a pretty manageable situation, as it stands.


Give him some space and don't panic if he doesn't text you as much as usual. Use this time to indulge in your own interests and social life. Try to set some times/dates to connect on Skype of FaceTime or some such thing. But don't be glued to your phone and assume the worst if he's busy. If you notice over a longer period that he's not reaching out to you, then you might have reason to be worried.


How was your relationship before he left?

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