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Our relationship is a very unconventional sweet love story of a couple 13 years gap, (I am 47 and he is 60) who attempted dating 20 years ago, but I as a single mother of a baby, was too scared and immature to commit to it.


20 years later, we have reconnected, and have fallen completely in love with each other. The regrets of 20 years missed are palpable, but we have put it behind us, and are doing the best we can despite the now 1200 miles between us.


We are very intimate emotionally and mentally, but when we are together physically, he is unable to maintain performance. He says it isn't for lack of desire fore me, and he is frustrated and concerned.


Do you think it is possible that despite our intimacy, that he simply isn't sexually attracted to me? How do we move forward in our relationship if that is the case?


I want nothing more than to spend the rest of my life with him, and he says the same about me, but is it fair to him to continue the relationship if he is not physically satisfied? Is companionship enough?

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