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i have been single for a while but like 3 month before i met a girl in a club, she took the first move to approach me and then we went to her home in the same night but we didnt have sex more than normal kiss she was not up for sex! after that we start to meet frequently and sometime i sleep in her home still she keep me with out sex for one month and i didn´t make any complain, i just have good time with her even though i felt she is not attracted when she is sober. then after a month one saturday night she open up and she was up for sex and that day i was sick i had cold and high fever i told her i can not perform sex while am sick but she complain and start to seduce me after that everything is happen and then she introduce me to her family friends things are going very fast but since she refuse me sex in the first month i was gradually out of sexual desire but still we do sex everyday, almost it look´s we are in relation since we meet everyday the problem come up i could´t perform sex every day since i work and gym so i ask her if we jump sex some time but the response from her was that she is too sexual and she need moor sex every day. we were planing to live together and trying to arrange things but the high sexual demand frustrate me to continue the relation in the next level!!! the long night i have with her it affect me at my work place too, beside this problem we have good relation, how should i discuss her this problem ???

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You don't. People with two different libidos don't belong together. And never move in with someone until you've known them a minimum of one year. It takes this long to see how a person will treat you past the honeymoon stage, and gives time to see if there are any skeletons in the closet.

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Slow down!


Do you desire her sexually but can't perform or you simply do not want sex as much as she does?


How old are you and how old is she?


Don't move in together what ever you do and slow this thing down a little. Try seeing each other 4 days a week instead of every day. You both need to have your own lives too and then share those lives with each other.


If you work all day and then go to the gym you should be in pretty good shape so why are you to tired for sex?



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Wow! This girl is CRAZY. No sex for the first month and then POW, sex everyday! That would be a dream girlfriend to a lot of guys, but I can see that it's too much for you. And I think part of it is that you don't like her that much.


I agree with Andrina because it sounds like she really doesn't want a relationship with you, she just wants someone to go out drinking and have sex with and that you have two entirely different libidos. You could explain that you just don't make enough sperm to go every day. She might drop you or get another guy to alternate with. She doesn't have a problem with just walking up to a guy to ask him out, so she could probably find someone else very quickly. You may have to find another girlfriend who's happier with only a couple of times a week schedule (which is more normal for most couples). I guess it was fun while it lasted, but if you can't keep up and you're feeling used, it's time to move on.

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i mean am not totally shut the sex but i want it in moderate way. yes i simply do not want sex as much as she does.


she is 29 am 27


yeah am in shape but body need rest i believe, the other thing she want more in the morning i try to stop that in weekday´s since am up for work from 6 Am!


Lost Thank you!!! the 4 days in week really sound good!

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yeah , that is what it scared me when i spent time with her every day am getting emotionally attached but she can easily drop me out and find another guy!

she was telling me she dont want anymore one night stand she is really looking for relation that why her main reason to keep me out of sex for one month.

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I don't think your sex drives match up all that well. At this stage in the relationship it would seem you both would want to do it like rabbits as much as possible. Unfortunately that isn't what you want.


You are better off having sex in the morning after a good nights rest than after work and the gym in the evening. Honestly at 27 you should be able to go a few times a day if you are in decent shape. Of course if your sex drive isn't that high it doesn't matter.


Being combatable sexually is a pretty big deal. Sure sex isn't everything but it does bring a certain amount of closeness and vulnerability to a couple.


Talk to her about how often you would like to have sex and then ask her how often she would like to have sex and then maybe compromise. Remind her that you would rather have good/great sex less often over mediocre sex more frequently. Quality over quantity as it were.



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