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Strangest lines someone's used on you


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I'll start the ball rolling.

I was hanging out with some friends, and a girl starting checking me out. After a fee minutes she comes over and starts a conversation after a little while she says "you know you're quite hot and not just regular hot but high school musical hot" .

She's in her mid 20's.

needless to say I was speechless...

Now go.

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Did the line she used change anything for you in terms of how you perceived the girl? Did you find her more appealing?

In terms of strangeness, I think she's just a creative type which will make it fun to hang out with her.


Not much already though she was cute, but I found it attractive that she was willing to put her self out there in such a unique way.

Just never been compared to the cast of a Disney musical or anything of the sort before.

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