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Sooooooooo, my ex and I broke up 3 months ago and in between those months a bit happened. April, after we come back from a trip to universal studios she announces the break up giving me the "I don't have time for a boyfriend". So we broke up and a couple days later she contacts me after weeks of no contact. She face times me one night and tells me that she cheated on me in the middle of the relationship. This part I don't get, she could have just broken up with me instead of cheating why did she have to wait and why did she still stay after cheating on me. Sounds like she was just stringing me along until she was stable enough on her own.


May: I started my new job at the same establishment as my ex. She works at the first location and I work at the second. This one day I worked a morning shift and it was super busy, as I came back from the kitchen to hop on the register and help the next person in line I can see that my ex was in line. I ended up taking her order but was cut short because I had to run to the back. She left a couple of things at that location the one day she worked there and she got them back. That's all I thought she went to my job for. To get her things back.


June/July: somewhere in these two months I had a quote on my bio on instagram, "looking for someone to play hide and seek with me and my feelings". This quote was said by cole sprouse, whom I follow on twitter. This is relevant because my ex texted me from a number I did not have saved and at first I didn't know who it was until I saw the picture of my own bio and a couple of responses on my end, the person ended up saying after I asked who this was, "since you got the picture I'm sure u had time to look at it", sure enough it was my ex and she accused me of "Stalking" and "stealing her words" because she had the same quote on her bio on twitter.


August: first week of august is always fiestas. The reason for me posting this thread is to vent. Fiestas was the time I met my ex and I've just been feeling lonely lately. Plus, I broke NC and looked at her social media, BUT I did not feel any kind of negative feelings toward her. I went through our old conversations and to be completely honest...looking back at the conversations I saw where I came off as starting to be a douchebag. I could literally see my own mistakes and I'm very upset because I was such an who treated her like the way I would respond. I was going to message her on twitter and explain to her that I'm beginning to see why things didn't work out. But, I said f that I gotta let her do her and I gotta work on myself. Maybe I'll try to reconcile sometime in the future? who knows. Thanks for reading me out And any feedback into me reading between the lines too much or and feedback is welcome.

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I am in this with the others too. The fact that she cheated on you shows that she did not have any respect for you in the first place.


You know who has the respect for yourself? You. So do something for yourself that will benefit you, delete everything about her; photos that might make you remember her, her social media, old text messages.


Power to you, goleta.

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I appreciate the feedback and advice. I want to be completely honest and I haven't been doing that in the thread. Yeah, she cheated and had intercourse with other guys, but I cheated too. I didn't cheat as hard as she did meaning she had sex and I got head. Okay, cheating is cheating and there's no justification for it. At the time I was feeling unworthy and she was being distant. I should have seen it coming and I should have just walked away after the first break up a while ago. I'm insecure and whatever is mine is mine. I just didn't like sharing. Now, I'm getting this feeling like I'll never be good enough or I'll be too much. I just don't see the point of even trying.

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