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How can a guy love you but not want to be with you?

a freakin egg

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Hey everyone. My ex broke up with me in March because he didn't think he could be in a relationship at the time, even though we had a great relationship. I thought he just had lost feelings for me and was making excuses. Now he comes out of the blue saying he still loves me and has feelings for me. But he said he can't see us together right now. I asked if he meant he can never see us together and he said no just not right now. He says he doesn't really know what he wants. This is tearing me up. Is it possible to love someone and not want to be with them?

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Just read your other posts.


You dated for a month. That's limerence, not love. Further, you're also apparently into his bestie, which brings up all sorts of awkwardness.


Move on from both of them. If your ex really wanted to be with you that badly, he probably would be. Moving on might make him realize what he's losing by refusing to acknowledge his feelings, and maybe you'll have a shot. Either way, you'll be far better off at the end of the situation if you start making your own way in the world.

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Don't be tricked by this. Your ex-bf is playing mind games with you, You should check to see what happened with him. Did he try to date another girl and she dropped him? Or did he come running back to you because he realized you were better than the other girl he was dating? Guys do this all the time . If you can find out what he's been doing for the past month, you might have your answer right there.

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