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Fear & Anxiety


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Hello guys,



A little less than a year now I've had the most confusing year of my life. I've gone from being so stressed out in graduate school, feeling trapped because I felt like I had no other options, then having to make the biggest & painful decision of ending my previous relationship and letting go of the one person in my life that meant so much to me. After that I kind fell in to a bit of a personal crisis, having to pick myself back up. And through all these rough patches, I've had amazing friends who were there to support me and I can never be forget how grateful I am.


Before all this happened, I've lived a pretty sheltered life. There were always some sort of expectations from family. I think within the last year I've grown a lot due to having to pick myself up. I've learned a lot about myself and I feel like all the things that I've gone through, good and bad, were meant for me to learn something from and grow as a person.


Now within the last month, I came to realize that my deep-rooted insecurities since childhood came from the fact that I never faced my fears properly. For example, being afraid of disappointing those that I love, what other people would think, fear of failure and not being good enough, rejection, all these negative things that my mind can think of that hinder myself from really truly be who I am or going for what I want. It's something that I probably should have figured out a long time ago...



For all of those out there, how do you overcome your fear?

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I make myself do things that cause me to feel fear. I want to rise above the fear causers and come out better on the other side. I used to be concerned about what others thought about me but I am long over that. I realized I had to be true to myself first and everyone else is a distant second. I had to learn I am just as good as the next person, because I sure didnt feel that way when I was a kid/teen. I felt like I didnt deserve good things in life, and it was my mother who instilled that in me. I had to learn that I was just as worthy as the next person.


Making myself face and conquer fears and apprehensions helped me get past them. You won't do that without making a concerted effort to overcome whatever your fear is. I needed to learn to believe in me!

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