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Could I please get some advice/opinions?

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Hello, thank you for clicking onto this post.


I am new to this forum and I am posting because I am struggling. Please be kind.


My ex and I broke up at the end of last year, we agreed to unfriend each other on Facebook and unfollow on Instagram. He ended the relationship. He said he still loved me but couldn't cope because of the arguments that we were having. I'm not sure if that was the truth.


We haven't spoken since until I saw him at a party the other night. I approached him and asked him how he was, of course I am still not over him but I just wanted to make it clear that there were no hard feelings after the way I acted when we broke up. He smiled and seemed glad to see me but did end the conversation quickly. I left him alone and we did not speak again.


However I tried to view his Instagram the next day and nothing appeared. The same happened on Facebook. After talking to my sister she found that she could still view him so it's clear that he has blocked me on Instagram and Facebook. I could see his page before the party so this seems to have triggered it. I know I should try to be moving on but this feels like another blow. I could understand why he would do this if I wouldn't leave him alone but I have been respectful of his space. Does this mean he wants nothing to do with me?

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Blocking is a way to move on. Even though things ended amicably as you say, sometimes it doesn't matter. Blocking on social media is much the same as no contact. It's a tool used to heal and move on. It's for the better that he blocked you so you aren't tempted to check in and delay yourself from moving on.

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