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  1. The fact you wrote a post about you second guessing this relationship is enough to warrant letting this guy go to be with someone who appreciates him more than you do and have admitted as much. As you've stated, you have issues you should really be working on to better yourself, your emotions and what a healthy relationship entails. Lets not forget the glaring issue that you clearly aren't over your ex, that's a pretty big problem when trying to move forward wanting to pursue something with anyone.
  2. Disengage a little bit. If she doesn't respond to your messages, then don't text her until she texts you. Play it by ear and assess if her level of communication matches what you're looking for, if it doesn't then let it/her go.
  3. Things have been going really well but she constantly puts me down. Says shes way to pretty for me and can do.better and I find it annoying. How can things be going well, but yet she makes you feel like ****? If anyone ever says that they can do better than you, you drop them, like a sack of potatoes. That's demeaning and it absolutely means they have no respect for you. You've made a lot of compromises in this lack of relationship and have laid yourself out like a doormat and she knows it and has no respect for you because you've established no boundaries. Your gut is telling you
  4. 'm just hoping we aren't back where we were before the talk. This is a possibility that you will have to come to terms with. With emotions running high and clouded judgement they say things they don't necessarily mean because of the loss of something that is experienced. Really be objective and gauge what's going on here and be honest with yourself. Is it worth pursuing again, has anything changed? Getting back together takes work and effort and it has to be built back up all over again. From my experience and watching things play out here on this forum, 9 times out of 10, getting back toge
  5. Likewise, glad OP came to her senses. Actions speak louder than words. Taking him back, I suspect would result in the same situation happening again and again. Once his feelings start to flee again, he might drop her off at truck stop instead of a hotel next time.
  6. Cut him off and go full on no contact. That's the only way he will come to terms with it. Why haven't you done this yet?
  7. I'd cut your losses. Even if you stood your ground explained how upset you are about her crossing some huge boundaries, I'm willing to bet dollars to donuts that's she's going to repeat the same behavior as you explained earlier. She has a history making stupid decisions and will more than likely will continue to do so causing you much more drama.
  8. You should never wait on someone to figure their **** out. That's a waste of time.
  9. You need to get out from under this piece of **** immediately, your sanity depends on it. Dancing Fool summarized what is more than likely happening quite well. Emotional abuse is just as sinister and terrible if not worse than physical abuse.
  10. Not appropriate. This guy was testing the waters for sure. Question him as others have suggested and pay attention to his body language and response. Be aware of any red flags you see from here on out.
  11. I think you called a spade a spade when you called her an idiot for driving under the influence. That was pretty stupid and ignorant on her part. You weren't necessarily in the wrong calling her that. Maybe not the best choice of words for someone who's sensitive to harsh realities, but still, she's an idiot for doing so. Even if you paid for the whole year, I can imagine you still might be able to sublet your room and make your money back, ask your landlord. That truly is the best option to avoid the drama and further pain in having to see and deal with her on a daily basis which is really go
  12. if what you say about nothing ever being 100% quarantee, I would be too aftaid to love anyone ever again. I cant bear the chance of having to go through that pain that makes me want to end my life. How can you possibly delude yourself into thinking there are 100% guarantees in life? Have you not lived it very long? Because truly, with that mindset you are setting yourself up for failure and major bouts of depression which it seems you already have considering the statement you just made about wanting to end your life if you have to experience pain. I understand why people want to avoid pain
  13. But at the same time, I need to ensure that this doesn't happen again, because I can't handle that kind of fragility and it's taking a heavy emotional toll on me How can you possibly ensure that this doesn't happen again by staying together? Ensuring it won't happen again is predicated on only one option- walking away. Sounds like you two have different communication styles. Really though, this whole thing illustrates why LDR's typically don't work. There's a lot of miscommunication that happens over the phone and even more ****storms happen via text. This is why in person communication i
  14. Did she just try to manipulate me so I would be scared to work with her and give her more money? Yes. These people aren't psychic. They are skilled at observations and manipulation. She used basic human psychology and knew what hot buttons to push to make you question what you are right now. Let this go and don't stew on it a moment longer. If there are issues in your past you think you need to work on then work on them and seek assistance from a professional, not a scammer(s).
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