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Stressed guy ignoring me


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Me and this guy have a thing going on but we're not dating yet. We also work together. Yesterday at work he came in very miserable and upset and moody and didn't say one word to anyone. So I texted him after work and asked him if he was ok and he said "we'll talk another time" and never said anything to me since. I went all night and all day and night today hearing nothing from him. We hung out all weekend and we're fine so I don't see how he could be mad at me. Is it normal for guys to act like this when something is bothering them? It's been two days

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Op. I have been going through something similar to this. The guy I met at work and started talking to was very moody at times. How long have you known him? Is this the first time he's been moody like this? Or is this a pattern? If not, just be patient and maybe he will come around.

If this is the norm for him, I can tell you that it is very exhausting to always manage a guy that is moody. Good luck.

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Are you in an exclusive relationship with this guy. I don't think so, because you sound like you don't.

My feeling is, this guy has several other girlfriends or a very special one that you are not aware of. Most guys do, if they are in an exclusive relationship with you and you guys have an agreement.

He is putting you on the back burner, while he puts his favorite on the front. You come in handy. That's my opinion.

The reason he is 'moody', and not shared any info with you, is because there is someone else he has feelings for and it's not going his way. If it were something else, he would have told you what was up.

Make yourself unavailable.

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