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Feeling a little lost


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Hi everyone,


I have posted on here before, and have much appreciated the kindness of strangers out there.


How better can I say, than just to say how lonely I feel. I am a mother of 3, and have a wonderful caring husband. My eldest daughter is 17, middle child is 5, and youngest is just over 1. I was 17 when I had my eldest daughter. I love her so much. But quite honestly, I often find myself feeling distant from her too.


Growing up my parents moved ever few years to a new town/city. Ever time I made a connection, it was quickly stripped away. After time I felt it was harder and harder for me to connect. I became shy to show I might need a friend. I saw people with their friends and groups, and felt no chance to even try to know them.


My story is so long. Sometimes I don't know how to tell it. To be honest, I am starting to feel very tired. I have tried so hard. I can't say there is something wrong with people out there, I am starting to realize there must be a true problem with me. What do you do with that? Feeling like your hopes seem to be gone. Things that gave you energy, things that you hoped for, becoming irrelevant.


I feel lost..

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Can't see the problem here! As far as i understand you are a mother of 3 so you now have a place where you live and you know that you are not going anywhere! Start making new connections, know your neighbors, ask them for coffee!


You are a hero to your kids, you are always there for them so devote some time for you!


My mother don't have many friends just a couple and she is a mother of 4! I know it's hard cause she always give all her self for us! But sometimes i wish she could be able to find some time for her going for a coffee or smthig! Her friends just usually come for dinner sometimes nothing much!


You started a family from very young age! I admire your courage and your devotion so far! But you have to make some time for you! Make some girlfriends just a couple to talk to them and share stuff!! True friendshipa never die, no matter how far or where you are good luck!!

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