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How to end something that never started?


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I met this guy 3yrs ago, on college. He was the 1st (and only, lol) guy I felt interest after my ex-bf (with whom I broke up 4yrs and a half ago). We kissed at some college parties. There were some red flags: He would treat me like a regular friend in other ocasions, and I found out that he had a complicated relationship with his ex-gf (they weren't together, but they still talked to each other). I wasn't attatched yet, so I decided to move on.


5 months later, we started the kissing again. Things went faster, we used to chat a lot, I fell for him. But we would treat me like a friend-with-benifits. I talked about a serious relationship, he wasn't ready for it. I handled this situation for a few months, but then, I couldn't anymore.


A few months later, I used to see him kissing other mouths at parties, and it was too painful for me (but I kissed other mouths too, of course). Suddenly, he went back to his ex, and it was a relief to me, because I wouldn't see him at the parties anymore. It lasted 1 year, I went to aaall the parties, and I didn't find ONE interesting person (I mean, I did went to dates, but hated of all them).


After he broke up with his ex (7mo ago), he tried to reach me out, but I'm not that stupid. I gave NO beneficts for him. Three months ago, we were at a party and he told me he was sorry about how he treated me at our first college year. I got hopeful, I thought he would take me on a date, make things right, but no... He didn't do anything else. What was that? Guilty? I was so confused. Four days ago we got drunk and we made out again (yay, after 2 years! I'm so weak . Once again, nothing has changed.


That's the problem.

It's doesn't seems like he wants something serious with me (he had a looot of chances). But, why he tried to reach me out so many times?

I spent almost 2 yrs without him. I didn't forget about him, I didn't find anyone I liked. Why would it be different now?

And how to end something that never started? Our relationship never went wrong, because it never started. So how can I move on?

I WANT TO move on. But it's SO SAD. I need help!


Have you guys been through something similar? What would you do if you were at this situation?

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