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After watching multiple of post on this forum and seen alots of poeple say that a great thing and help him alots i will give it a chance.


Everything started 3 years ago , i met the most magic women who make me fall in love, she fastly become one of my pillars of my life by supporting me in some of worst time of my life and we go trought together.


I was doing everything with her , shopping , grocery, hospital time,gaming online, cooking, society games and i pass alots.


But the main problem was the familly of my ex never loved me so never wanted really to go at her house and that hurted us alots at some moment so when its was time of chrismas we got a fight for 2 years in a row about wich familly we will visit and the first years we break up to visit each other. ( i know its sounds dumb )


But when chrismas pass its like nothing happened and we come back together,but ive talked to her and say him about its not good for both of us and etc she agreed but the 2e years we fight again at the same time ( chrismas) we have not broke this time but we were mad at each other. And the cycle happened again but the third years that where everything #%@cked up.


She start complaining about alots of thing like gaz when she came at my house so i find a solution , i paid everytime she came but it was not enough , after, it was hes job she was not able to find one , so i did my best and give her all my support and tips and trick to find one & she founds one after 2 week but again its was not enough , she start talking about the school was stressing her cause the first time we broke up she dropped everything and her school notes suffer , but i was not able to do anything physical about it so i try to give her the most parts of my power to help but after a while i founds him sad and more bored and she start comming less so i asked him if that was a good idea to take a break or something and she partially accepted.


So after like 3 week on break she texted me back to say that would be nice to meet again together and start to see us again like back in time, i accepted and i wish her a good night cause i was sleeping and she was going outside with some of her job friends ( girls)


The days after i got admitted to hospital for viral bacteria for 4 days and i didn't bring anything cause i was alone and when i came back i try to contact him on facebook, but she was vanish, i try on texto/skype/phone call and etc but no answer and i was blocked everywhere.


I cried for like 4 days cause i wanted to know what ive done wrong , i finally called at her mothers house and asked what happened with my ex and she say that because i made her upset by called her multiple and she just blocked me, but her mother say me she will try to give him a word about i want some info cause that was destroying me inside.


1 hours later i got a text saying yes she wanted to came back with me but she finally say she will not cause she prefer focusing on the job 30h/week plus shes stressed by the school answer about if shes accepted.


And after she say she will only still talk with me as friends and not as girlfriends and she dont think she want to come back cause she want to lets the dust fall before and she never unblocked me plus she dont ever want to see me again so i meed to ship by postal services all of his stuff.


At the moment ive seen those text i fall on the floor and feel like a toys you can play with. I never insulted her or bashed her & always giving her power to do whats she want in the life and she consider the 3 years as a dust.


I dont know right now what i should think about all of this , i feel i want to kill my self but in same time i know its a bad thing.

So right now i sold 3/4 of the stuff in the appartments cause that make me think of her and its break my hearts more everydays.


I always seen this girls as my one you know the girls you will live with forever, just before the break i took an bigger appartments for her to come cause that closer of the school she want to go but like everything its vanish in the dust.



We are both 21 and i live in appartments but she still live at her pareny house


Ps : sorry if i made some errors across the text im French native and learn by myself.

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