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Does she like me back?


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(Be ready for spelling and grammar errors)

I'm 16 and a softmore in high school. Last year I went on a trip to Disney World for a school club and while I was there I met this girl who also came on the trip. She was younger than me but was in the grade ahead. I was short and looked very young for my age. But back to her. I had seen here around and thought she was pretty but didn't have any plans. However during the trip I got to know her and I fell head over heels for her. Every day we would get on different busses for the parks and the rides would take awhile. We sat by each other, talked and got to know each other. She had a British accent that was so cute and her personality was amazing. We sat by each other every ride and on the plane ride back. (We both were with our own groups of friends while we were in the parks). I had just started listening to new music at the time and now I can't listen to it without thinking of her.


After the trip (which was during the spring) we didn't talk much the rest of the school year or over the summer but my interest never left. During the summer I got a huge growth spirt and we are now about the same height. During the first trimester I would run into her while walking out of school to get picked up. It was only 5 minutes we would talk but I would've taken less. My class was closer to the exit than hers so I would slow my walk to let her catch up. She commented on how I had grown taller and teased me about how my face still looked young. Now that I was as tall as her I though "Hey, I actually might have a chance here". So I began to research girls, dating, flirting, and, most importantly her.


During the 2nd trimester our classes changed and now my class was further away so I would have to walk faster to catch up to her so we could talk. Before I would slow down so she could catch up but she did not do the same and sometimes I would have to run to catch up (however I'm not sure if she did this intentionally). She had had at least one boyfriend before but they had been broke up for awhile and he was a player. One day walking out of school she said that she was going to ask out two guys. (not at the same time) the 2nd one was a backup if #1 said no. Now hearing this was like ten punches to the stomach but I kept my cool and asked who they were, she wouldn't tell me though. The walk over in the blistering cold and that news felt like crap. A few days later I asked her what happened with the two boys. She said the first one said no and she wasn't sure if she wanted the second one. (This was just a though but the second guy might have been me and she was trying to hint at something but I have no evidence to back this up). Up till now I had gotten no signs she liked me back but one day the school had a spirit assembly after classes that everyone had to go to. Seeing a chance to spend time with her I raced through the steam of kids to try and find her. Then as I broke out of the hall and into the lobby I saw her and quickly came to a stop, (so she wouldn't see me as desperate). We saw each other and I walked up to her. I Hadn't even said anything before she said "hey I'm sitting with you". I said ok and we went into the stands to sit down. I don't know if she was just looking for a friend to sit with or if she was actually waiting for me. We went into the stands and sat together. As more came in, our section became very packed and we had to sit very close together. We didn't care about the assembly and just talked to each other the whole time. I had researched flirting and was too shy for verbal flirting. The closest thing I could do would be to flirt through compliments and I could still bearly do that. So instead I tried pysical flirting (aka. Breaking the touch barrier) so I scooched over like I was running out of room and touched my leg up against hers to see if she would pull away. And she didn't! Granted My leg wasn't pushing against hers that hard but still. Another sign was that she was playing with her hair a lot and I read that that was a sign that she likes you. When the assembly was done and we where walking out, a rug was out of place and people were almost tripping. She made it over but I stumbled and she reached out her hand to grab mine if I fell. I caught my balance in time and didn't need to grab her hand (I wish I had). But we both laughed and left together.


Around this time we also started texting over Facebook messenger (so I didn't have to ask for her number). I text her now and then and this is where I start to have doubts. Because whenever we text I'm the one who always initiates the conversation. She always responds but I'm the one who usually has to carry the conversation. She could just be a bad texter though.


We're now in the 3rd and final trimester and we actually have a class together in the morning so we can talk more. We usually talk on our way to our next classes since they are both on the way. The latest hint was today. when class was ending she asked me to wait for her before I left while she was putting stuff in her bag. This meant that she wanted to talk while going to class so mabye it's a sign she likes me? There are 3 months till school is done.


I really like this girl and want to ask her out but I don't know if she likes me back and I'm worried about being rejected.


Some Signs point to yes but others point to no.


Was she waiting for me during the assembly?


I'm thinking of asking her out on the last day of school, is this a good idea?


Does she like me back?


Any advice would be appreciated

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It sounds like she likes you. She is spending time with you and isn't backing away. She also asked you to wait for her...all good signs.


Is there any reason why you want to wait till the last day of school? If you're more comfortable with that then it's fine. Yes, just ask her if she'd like do hang out sometime, go see a movie or whatever you two decide to do and see how she responds.

But it does sound good.


Last thing to remember here, (just in case) we all have been rejected. It's not the end of the world. It might make you feel bad temporarily but it's not a huge deal. But we all have to take chances to get something we want, unfortunately that's just the way it is. Sometimes it works out, sometimes it doesn't.

Crossing fingers that it does work out though.

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First of all, well done with the spelling and grammar......much better than some people twice or three times your age.



YES....ask her out. Don't be worried about rejection one way or the other. You will impress her with your confidence, regardless of the answer. Girls love to see guys go after what they want regardless of the consequences (in this case possible rejection). Good luck!

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