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So... I'm dumb.


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Yesterday I felt awful. I actually ended up sending him the text with the pug playing the guitar and telling him it reminded me of him. He ignored the text.


I also couldn't stop myself and I asked him if we could talk some time next week and he said he didn't know... to which I replied to think about it and that I'd like pass by after he's done with work for a drink. And he said we'd see.


It's given me hope now since a week ago he simply said no.



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90% of the time "We'll see" means no. (IMO) I understand that your heart is broken, however the only way you're going to heal is if you move forward. Go NC and don't think about getting back with him. The false hope will only hinder your healing process.


And don't feel about sending the text. You're not dumb. We've all done something similar. Here's to your healing..

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You are not dumb.


Whatever happens, however this plays out, you are just a person doing the best you can day to day to heal and live your life.


Don't beat yourself up, mate. The world is rough enough on us.


I wish you luck.

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Well when he means no its no. He doesn't send indirect answers when it's difficult to say it.


I know there's still hope for us. I can feel it in my heart.


I know that for most people "well see" means "I wanna say no but I don't wanna hurt you". For him it's always been "yes but I don't wanna admit it so easly".

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If he wanted to see you he would've responded to the first message and said an actual yes to agreeing to meet up right?


It's not that easy. We had some problems and I know trusting me again will be difficult for him. I know that's why he doesn't give me a simple yes.

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Does this man really appreciate your efforts to bring more joy to his life ?


He does. He's always had. You see, I wish I could find reasons to hate him, to justify this break up and say you're right it won't work out. But he's NEVER done anything for me to even try to blame him. I'm not trying to put him on a pedestal, he's got his flaws, but he would never disrespect me.


We were just both going through some hard times because of work. But I think after this time apart we might be able to talk things through if/when we get the chance.


I know people say "if he really loved you he wouldn't break up with you", "if it was meant to be you'd still be together". But sometimes it's just not easy like that. I've been a difficult person for a while and in a way I kind of deserved this to put my life in order and get back to my happy self. Hopefully, next to him.

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