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  1. I cannot make up my mind though I know that she does not want me in her life as her "twinflame" but maybe a s a friend now. But what do I think about her crying every time she sees me or getting panic attacks from the thoughts that I might leave her??? maybe that stage has passed and now, she wants to think only about herself. What should I do? Should i just cut all contacts and do nothing and focus on my life? Should I get involved in her life and confront her for cheating? I am confused and keep changing my mind.
  2. Here I am again, after over three years. time flies. So, we are working on No Contact but there is still contact. Whenever I call her, she responds and we meet. I can tell from her face that she loves me but then why she is doing all this? I think, we both are selfish, we have the answers in front of us but we do not want to see. To me it looks like, that it seems like see is buying time to abandon me. I am hoping that things between us will get better. Lets see what happens. As agreed upon, I went to the Café and waited there from 8 to 9 but she did not come. Maybe, because we just agreed upon it yesterday only. I am fine with it but every time I see her, I feel happy. She later offered to meet me before my Doc's appointment which I have accepted. I wanted to accept it the moment I got her text but I played cool and relied only after few hours. She does the same, intentionally or not, I do not know.
  3. hang in there. Things will get better one day. I don't know what else to say...it will get better ABD.
  4. So good to hear about a positive story. I am happy for you Twentysix!!!
  5. Acting is not a very usual career choice so their apprehension about it is valid. I hope you know what you are against. How old are you? Do you have a back up plan if this does not work out? Have you taken any acting classes? Why don't you talk to your parents about it, explain to them that you need x number of years to try your luck in acting and if this does not work out, you have a back up plan. You should have a back up plan.
  6. I would consider buying a house based upon the financial criteria, not based upon relationship criteria. If you can find a good house in a location where it appreciates well, provide you some rental income if you want to and is considered as a safe investment, why not? I bought my first house when I was 22. Property in a stable market is great investment however, I am not sure where you live so you should do your own research on that. Do not link property with relationship. If you get into a relationship, you can always sign some kind of documents to protect you. Interest rates are so low now. You said that rental properties are expensive in your area, whats the rate of return? If you can afford it, do it.
  7. Its never easy. You are not dumb. It is hard to control our emotions, this stupid technology WhatsApp, facebook, texts makes it even worse. Hang in there, only time can heal.
  8. Thank you, I appreciate the suggestion of trying new things. I am doing it already. There are just so many things going on with my life and most of them are pretty serious so I want to make sure I don't take any sudden step. I hope you understand.
  9. It wont be waste of time. We always learn from these interactions. Every failure or mistake teaches us something. Just don't feel any pressure about it. From your post, it seems that you like this guys, he is alright. You are doing pretty good, you know where you want to be professionally. You are living at home which is great way to save money.
  10. This is what I am also worried about (in bold). I am not looking for relationships. I just want to help my wife get settled and have enough for her life. I like Tommy Lee Jones and he is from Texas. No country for old man was a great movie.
  11. She has seen my cars and house long time ago so I cannot now tell her that that was not mine. However, I can be firm which I will be when she asks me for more money. I loved your analogy of crutches. It is a great one. You are bang on on my problem. I just need to be strong and start treating her just like a friend, nothing more than that. As you said, I have to move out of my comfort zone and face the reality now. I cannot hide my problem behind Sara.
  12. I am not really sure if I follow you. I have been honest with her. I don't really lie unless I really need to. It mostly happens in my professional life rather than in my personal life. You know, how things can go wrong with clients' stuff and we need to pretend all is well. She tells me stuff and I don't know if it is a lie.
  13. Dahl, Sometimes we know the truth but we don't want to accept it. Maybe, that is the case with me. But I am accepting that I am biased towards her. At the same time, I have decided that this cannot go forever. I have to stop it. So first step was letting her know that I don't have any money. I am expecting her to change her behaviour towards me. There are even more signs to indicate that she is hiding something (she has been to all the fancy places in Dubai, she has vacations planned in April, July and August) but I know that she has told me a lot about her life which is true. I do not have any proof that she is what you think she is. She was clear from day one that there is no romance, it is FWB situation but we can be good friends. As I said before, I need to move on, I need to focus on other things and I need to be stronger to say no to her. With my current scenario, I don't think can cut all the ties off with her in one go. PS: I see Tommy Lee Jones pic and I keep thinking I am talking to a male. I like him.
  14. Dahl, when I met her, I really wanted to help her just financially but it got messy. Her initial demand was only two thousand dollars. I was not aware of how it can unfold for me. Remember, my wife was the only woman I really dated so I don’t have much experience with handling woman. I think, I met her when I was down and that is how it all happened. My heart “wants” to believe that you are wrong but my mind says you are absolutely right. There are certain things which are quiet mysterious: She never invited me to her place or work place She always ask me about my schedule for days and weeks so that she can arrange hers She started working but we have gone to two vacations after that. New employees don’t get vacation that easy Her work has no timing, she is either at work or at gym She is off again for three weeks’ vacation with her mom to Nepal She will ask so many questions but would not answer any of mine There are things she tells me which do not make any sense I need to terminate it completely or be in a positive where she matters to me just as a normal friend. You go out, have a coffee, drink or dinner once in a while. Considering all the other issues in my life (separation, job issues, depression and anxiety), I don’t want any sudden problem arising from it. It would be best if it dies its own death. I am not sure how much do you know about Dubai. I will PM you when I know how to do it / I am allowed to do it. Thanks for your help again. It makes me feel better.
  15. I hate myself for being in this funk (I created this), I don't really care about the money, I can earn it again but if I could turn back time and erase this from my life, I would.
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