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so i met this girl online (dont remember when, its been some time though). we're both turning 17 this year. she lives in new york while i live in singapore. i think i'm starting to develop some feelings for her... I KNOW how stupid it is, considering my age, the fact that we dont know much about each other, and the fact that she hasnt even seen what i look like (i'm a 3/10 at best)

she told me she was gonna meet a guy she liked next week and i got really jealous (i acted happy). i honestly dont know what to do... do i tell her? if i do what do i say?

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Be honest with yourself. If you tell her that you got jealous, how do you think thats going to go for you? You have no power over her, you have no say, nothing you can do, you are 16. You are not going to move there anytime soon and she is not going to see you so where does that leave you? Being only a friend.


If it was me and you like talking to her. Dont say anything. She is going to have many boyfriends and you are going to have Gfs. If you do say anything, she could very well tell you never talk to her again.

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