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I need advise please!


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I don't know if i shoud text my "ex", i shoudn't consider him an ex but i need to name him. Well, this is a long story but I'll try to sum it up. Well i met him like five or six months ago in a party. I gave him my number and at the morning he texted me and said he was totally in love with me... but i was't! I mean, a met him hours ago so... the case is that i was a terrible person and continued talking and flirting with him until i said i wasn't in love with him, trough whatsapp. Then he stoped talking with me. Two months later i bumbed into him, i was with one of my best friends, and then he texted me asking for my friends number. I gave it to him, but nothing happened between them. The problem is that he has done it twice, with an other of my friends. So my friends and I turned against him. After all, he blocked me everywhere for two months and then he texted me saying he has just seen me on the street, but it wasnt true. So he asked me to meet up, but i refused it 'cause I was flirting with an other guy. But i'm not talking with this guy right now and I think I regret about not accepting to meet up with the ex... what should I do? Should I text him?

Pd: sorry for my spelling I'm from Spain

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Date decent guys. Sounds like he's just trying to pick up women anywhere.


You're right, but i keep thinking about him. He told me i was diferent from the others and all this kind of things, and nowadays there are not a lot of men that apreciate that anyway, thanks for you advice

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