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Almost nonexistent sex life


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So there's a 10 yr age difference between my partner and I. I'm lucky if we have sex 2x a month. Same ol' position and he has to initiate because if I try he says I'm being annoying or he ignores me pretty much. We're both tired from work and daily life and not in the best shape either....idk if anything will fix our sex life. Help!

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it's not just the sex life that's missing. there's nothing in this relationship that's good save for the kids.


Been with my partner for 15 years and no sign of marriage. We have 2 kids and a pretty okay life but I feel like he thinks I'll never be worthy of being his wife and just uses the excuse of "not believing in marriage" to ignore that subject. In the past he would put stipulations that would supposedly lead to marriage but we're hurtful and mean "like lose weight and I'll let marry you"


I've catered to him financially, emotionally and every other way possible.


Not to mention his infidelity in the past and continued disrespect with still taking to all his ex's..


He guilts me by saying it's not about me and him anymore. That it's about our children and that me walking away from our family and breaking a happy home is selfish of me. That I'm insecure and it's not what it seems.



he is an expletive, he doesn't appreciate you and he doesn't want you and he doesn't love you. and the relationship began when you were 15, so as statutory rape? well, maybe he only gets off on teenagers. you were already hitting hard times by the time you were 18.


this is a mess. don't you deserve better?

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Having read your previous posts, this is just another reflection of your overall problematic relationship to this guy. You cannot fix your relationship all on your own. Couple's therapy might help clear things. If he won't do it then you going into individual counseling is your next best option. It won't necessarily fix your relationship but a good therapist might give you new tools to deal with things.

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