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  1. Thats a good point. I guess nothing if I am going to be honest. I just thought maybe we would be a good fit because we have a lot in common, but everyone is right. I can't be in a relationship with a pen pal, who I never see in person.
  2. Hi, No, I am not sexting him. I made it clear from the beginning that I am not interested in a hook up or friends with benefits. So, I steer away from that topic in general
  3. Hello everyone, I think I may have a delusional view of where I stand with a guy that I am talking to. So, there's a guy that I talk to literally every single day. It's the point that If I don't respond, he will reach out and bombard me with messages to see if I am okay and if something is bothering me. However, we literally never see each other. The last time that I saw this man was about a month ago. I told him that we should plan a date and he gave me answer similar to "I have my own stuff going on, idk." I have literally no clue what he means by this. At first, I thought it ma
  4. I have taken 18 credits before. As long as you have good time management and you are able to set aside time to study and do homework then you shouldn't have a problem. I wouldn't declare a major yet if I was you. Take your general education requirements like Math, Science, Humanities, etc. first. Research your field and try to figure out how the job outlook is, what the average salary is, and if internships are available. I advise you to read some online reviews that deals with that field, and see how people who already have the degree view it. When I was in college, I felt rushed to p
  5. I do apologize if my view is offensive, but it kind of became that way throughout years of schooling. My teachers, fellow students, families, and friends typically had a negative view point about people who have or had STD's. After this forum, its making me change my perception of things.
  6. Chlamydia testing in asymptomatic men is not routine. I'm not sure what stds he was tested for, but that would be something he would have to specifically request. In general, I wish people were more specific when they say they've "been tested" Yes, my doctor mentioned bacterial vaginosis. She said that a lot of bacteria that women can contract have the same symptoms and that she can't point out exactly what it is without getting my results back. I am just nervous because she has told me the worst possible outcomes, but of course, me being me, I have somehow manifested the idea into my he
  7. that's definitely something that I am going to do in the future. I just trusted him because he made a big deal about me being tested. I figured someone who wasn't up to date with their results wouldn't bug me about it so much. Yes, stupid, I know.
  8. I mean if he cheated then there's not much I can do about that. I will just have to end things. I think before I go further with him even if I am negative, I'll ask him to get tested again.
  9. I am not really sure to be honest. Both a urine and a blood sample was taken when I was tested. They called in 3 days and said I was fine. I waited about 4 months after the end of my last relationship to get tested.
  10. Thank You Sherry! I really do appreciate the kind words.
  11. I do it just to be safe. I always have even when I had sex for the 1st time. It's just something I do, so I don't compromise any future partners.
  12. I am not so much concerned with him dumping me, I am more concerned with my reputation. I don't want our mutual friends to think I am dirty or an individual, who spreads diseases. I am just going over the top now because I am so stressed.
  13. Should I say something now before my results?
  14. Hi everyone, This is extremely embarrassing for me to talk about and equally humiliating, but I have no one else to turn to. I just want to preface this by saying that I get tested for stds's every 6 months. About 3 weeks before I met the individual, who I am dating now, I went to the doctor and had my routine tests done. They were all negative. Now, when I met my boyfriend, he was adamant that he would always use condoms and that he was tested and that he was negative. He also bombarded me numerous times and kept asking me if I have been tested, etc, which I have. After I got on my birt
  15. "Got to pick up some chap stick and gum for my date tomorrow " I Don't get it. Why would she end it? I would just laugh it off.
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