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I feel like if you're just trying to get to know if her personality is your type, not going in as trying to marry her, go right ahead and continue dating. However, if you're in this relationship aiming to get married someday, I would recommend you leaving. Not because she might be seeing someone else, but just because you can't possibly build a family with someone who does this big of a life-changing decision knowing you will not agree to it, and lied to you just to do it.


As for if she is talking to anyone else, I don't know what to say. If you have never told her if her features changed then she'd be prettier or if she never voiced how she's unsatisfied with parts of her feature(s), then it may be someone else who is important enough to make her feel like she must change. However, if you guys have only been together for not too long, then it's understandable she might not want to voice her opinion about herself to you just yet.


If you want to take a break from her, tell her. Tell her you need time to process this big event happening without you knowing about it until it has already happened.


Good luck.

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