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I need help, I cant eat!


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Hi ya,


I am completely new to this so have no idea what to even say, since last Sunday I wasn't feeling 100% so I was being careful with what I was eating and avoiding doing anything to make myself worse, come Wednesday I was meeting a friend for dinner, so I ate very little in the day and felt STARVING!!! We got food and although I felt starving I couldn't eat it! It happened to be one of my favourite meals! But I physically couldn't stomach it, I then had to get into bed and was up all night with sickness and diarrhoea which was the worst night of my life, the next day I wasn't sick but I still had diarrhoea and I couldn't move off the sofa (except rushing to the toilet), I had a rest and the next day I felt well enough to have some toast and try and go into work. Around 20 minutes after eating I had to go straight to the toilet again and I got sent home from work.. Thankfully it was now the weekend so I didn't have to do anything still only having eaten the smallest amounts of dry toast and Bananas I was struggling to eat without feeling sick, even the Banana had to go to waste!


It's now Monday and I am back at work I had a banana for breakfast and felt fine I came into work and was fine up until lunch when I had toast again around half an hour later I was feeling sick and needed the toilet. I know it takes a while to recover from these bugs but is there any advice or any tips people can give me to help me cope with this, the thought of food is making me feel well and truly disgusting

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