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I think we belong together


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so me and my ex bf have broken up! We had been going out for a year and a half and tbh I thought I was going to spend the rest of my life with him and still do! The break up was mutual because we were doing nothing but arguing over the silliest things! I have been very down the past few months due to immense pressures with final year of uni and money problems as well as no breaks starting into a job I hate! My parents are very strict and I wasn't aloud to stay over at his house or go away for weekends which I think was the thing I needed to take away the stress! I would just keep shouting at him for no reason and if anyone said anything to annoy me even the smallest bit I would cry! He was trying to help but his effort level had decreased significantly! The other problem is my family aren't a big fan of him and he heard mum slagging him after we broke up and im afraid that he is hurt so much he might never come back! I know he loves me but I'm afraid my months of coldness and stress has pushed him away and he doesn't want me anymore! We are so good for each other tho but we both let life get in our ways he was more focused on work than our relationship and I was just so cross and angry all the time like a pressure cooker ready to blow!


After we have broken up I realise I want to be with him be he thinks we both need time and space to do our own thing for a while but I can't not talk to him he is my best friend it hurts so much! We have so many memory's together and tbh if It wasn't for his help I would t have made it through uni this year!


What is my best plan of action? And what does everyone think of this story?

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It may be best to take his advice for now because it's true, it's how he feels and your relationship was unstable and argumentative.


You need a break from each other to grow up. Relationships are not to escape home or school or work or boredom.


Use this time to reflect focus on school and enjoy the freedom he gave you and wants for himself

he thinks we both need time and space to do our own thing for a while
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Stay away from him. He asked for space, give it to him.


Judging by your tone of typing, I would imagine you to be somewhat overbearing to him, almost smothering.


Give him space, and take some yourself. Dive into making you better, in some way. Change a bad habit. Start a new hobby. Fix a problem that's been on your to-do list. And work on why you were arguing all the time. It wasn't just the circumstances if it was all the time. Think hard about it and try to solve those catalysts.

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