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Dying hair with homekit (is this safe?)


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I bought a dyingkit in the brand of Loreal casting creme gloss and in the shade of Ebony Black. It is not permanent color but will last 6-8 weeks, I think it's called semi-permanent hair dye (?).

I'm worried about the possible allergic reactions that can occur so I read up on it a little and found that the only reason some people get a reaction usually seems to be because of the ingredient called PPD? I read on the package of my hairdye and it claims to have the ingredient phenylendiamine... is that the same thing as p-phenylendiamine? It also says toluendiamine and resorcinol which I have no idea what it is.

It says to do a patch-test but according to what i've read, the people who has had allergic reactions DID the patch-test and it did not work + most sites advice people not to do it because it's not good for the skin.

I've used semi-permanent dye once before but from a different brand (and different color) which I googled now and apparently that brand does not have PPD in it so that means I can't possibly know if i'm allergic to it at all.

I'm not allergic to anything in general as far as I know. I've never used henna.

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Yes, it's the same thing.


I think the patch tests are a bit silly as the more you are exposed to an allergen, you can either be further desensitized or the allergic reaction can get worse. So by the time you put it on your hair, you're getting another exposure and it can go either way.


If you're not comfortable with it I would just find PPD free hair dyes.

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