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Why is it so hard for husband to move on from past.

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Or anyone in general?


He constantly is bringing up and worrying about things that have happened months even years ago. Even after breaking up and getting back together after said things have happened -- he still uses past things as an "example" or "well you did this or that". I feel like its destroying us now.


I have 100% made changes to reassure him I'm only interested in him and want him yet he just cannot get over things from the past. He's far from perfect and I always "get over" his mistakes and don't hold them against him now unless he gives me a reason to, which does often. When I bring up something that he did -- I bring it up almost immediately but he will be like "o h right says the person who did this this and this" after agreeing not to bring up the past anymore and move on from it. He just CANNOT seem to let things go.


. Does he need an outsider to tell him this behavior is single-handily ruining this relationship now? You can't promise to move on yet rub it in my face when i address issues that are happening at the moment. He tip toes around my issue and makes me look like the bad guy every single time.


I know more info may be needed but there is just so much. We have been together over 10 years, divorced and remarried about 4 months ago.


Typically every single "talk/argument" ends up with him saying he hates me, I'm a cruel heartless person and he wants a divorce. The next day he's texting how he's just gonna kill himself if he can't have me yet because I can't show him how much he really means to me. Who would want to be all mushy and lovey dovey when I'm being treated like crap and not like his wife and being punished all the time for year old mistakes. Clearly this man has issues.


I do care about him but I also resent him a lot for all the crap he thinks up in his head that is ruining us now.


I just want to understand why it's so difficult to move on from the past? What are Good ways he can accomplish this?


I'd like to add more info but like I said there is so much history between us.


Help please!

Thanks in advance!

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And he is totally hung up on the relationships i had when we were Divorced. I will say but we weren't even married! we were talking but he would come live with me, get in a fight, leave and disappear for weeks. When he would leave he would say he hates me and doesn't want anything else to do with me etc. so I assumed he was done with working on things and I talked to other people. We were divorced during this time though. These are the major things he's holding against me now though. Especially one guy.

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