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I received a msg from a English boy through a website. Im not sure whether we talked before or not, but when i checked the conversation, it seems me the 1st who msg him, but it was long time ago. When i checked again to that website, he msg me n we started talking till now n exchange number as well. Overall he seems good, fun, yet romantic ( i guess so ). But i dont wanna fall for him coz he just that far in Essex. England n last nite was the 1st time we did a facetime. Coz i wanna make sure that he is real.


Idk if this a trick or he really that kind of person. Whenever we talked over something he alwags blushing me, give me complements, being sweet n nice. In the other thoughts in my mind, idk whether he has any purpose to me or what, until he really checking n learning bout my country. Asked bout currency n said wanna come here.


This is kinda mixed up, idk truly yet afraid to get hurt, coz i been through a lot but rare i met somekind like him.


Please advise

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It's difficult to say. Is he a boy, or man? I only ask because it does depend on if you're both working and can afford to eventually meet if it does go that way.Is it financially possible for you both to have something being in different countries? I don't know this man, but I would give it more time.Unfortunately with the internet, people can talk to lots of people and they're not always just talking to one person. Could he be speaking to you and other women as well? It's something to consider. For the time being, I personally wouldn't get too caught up in it as you don't know one another well enough yet and don't know if it will ever be anything serious. It really is too soon to tel and with the internet anything could happen as some people take it seriously, and other people are just chatting to lots of different people.

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He's 28 English boy. Ye, that make sense n true, idk truly bout him n he that far. Also he said to me he one day will come,n yes idk if he talk with others as well, but when i asked him he only said only me he talked with, the only girl of where i from, till he asked mr google bout here country.. Super confuse

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