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what keeps you motivated to go for another day?

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Well, it's not like you have much choice... You either deal with it, become "that creep", or nose-dive your life into a spiral.


Writing your thoughts pen on paper can help ground yourself and organize yourself towards a goal/direction you want to move towards.


Otherwise, some days just suck, that's just life in general though.

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For me it was two songs I played until I could tell you every.single.lyric like I wrote them--Never Again by Kelly Clark AND God Bless You by Black Veil Brides.


I played one or the other, often back to back when the tears were flowing over my last ex, the one who did a serious number on my head for a time.


And then yes, journaling. Going to the dojo and kicking the snot out of the human shaped punching bags didn't hurt either.

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I enjoyed that video.


For me it's getting my life back on track and finding a new job because working with an ex you still have feelings for and the person she left you for sucks.

Untill she calls you one night but you cant (and dont want to)answer because you are "busy"

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