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What makes someone Emotionally Immature?


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When they act like a child. This includes impulsive, not taking responsibility for basic needs like housing, food, expect others to regulate their behaviors OR have to have them regulated for them, have a double standard (okay for me to do, not you), tossing others under the bus to protect themselves, throwing tantrums or getting angry when confronted with bad behavior.


If you have to regulate your partner's behavior or tell them not to do something repeatedly or in any way act like a parent to them yeah you're dealing with an immature person.


A person who is immature claims it isn't them, claims you have it all wrong, claims that you "imagined" things or otherwise tries to gaslight you (psychology term, look it up). If you've ever seen a three-year-old trying to tantrum their mom into another cookie or not having to clean their room that's pretty much the adult equivalent of immature.


And you should run like the wind from such people.

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Someone who prioritises their equally immature or bitter divorced friends over their relationship, crudely gaslights you with their money obsessed friend for a share of your house even though they declined a share in the mortgage whilst taking no serious legal advice, has tantrums like a teenager despite being in their forties, has never had a serious relationship before and therefore about as emotionally experienced as a nineteen yr old, my ex basically.

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Someone who tells you they "love" you only to then tell you not long after that you are the childish because you don't text first enough.


Someone, who while in a relationship, decides that because their boyfriend wants to see them and spend time when they feel better that the said boyfriend is seeing things from only his perspective...because the boyfriends feelings have no priority in the relationship.....ever.


Someone who, while being in their 30's, using stupid texting acronyms that one has to look up on google to figure out.


Someone who manipulates....someone who acts like they are the center of the world....someone who acts like YOU SHOULD READ THEIR DARN MIND!!!!!


Oh, almost forgot....someone that lives on FACEBOOK!!!

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