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Ex is coming home in a week... what should I do?


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Hello all, if you've read my previous posts i've been going through a breakup. It's been about a month and a half, I've been going to the gym almost every day, feeling much better. I'm also taking a class to teach English as a foreign language with hopes of moving to Columbia soon for a job.


My gf of two years went to Greece to study abroad in January, we talked every single day, and then I visited a month and a half ago. The trip didn't go as planned... and when I got back to the states she said she wasn't feeling it anymore and dumped me.


I was devastated... I went all the way out there for this! But things have gotten a lot better since then... I've really been focusing on myself and feeling good!


Well we've had minimal contact... Mostly her drunk texting me telling me how she misses me but "doesn't want to be with anyone" and all that garbage... (keep in mind i never respond to these)


We finally exchanged messages normally and she said shes coming home in a week and wants to catch up with me...


She did me dirty... It was quite rotten... but of course there will always be a part of me that wants to hold her tight again and have her call me daddy... (weird but it was a thing)


What should I do people?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? I'm trying not to think about her and her return, and i've been doing really good at it... but times like these I just want to let it all out and ask what should I do????? I know that i'm going to get the response of "don't give her the time of day" which is the most logical thing to do... but lets just say in terms of getting her back... what should I do? (besides nothing) Thanks!

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You should have never gotten back into contact with her. Read your own post. You were clearly doing much better and starting to progress until it gets to the part where you start talking to her again. NO, there will NOT always be a part of you that wants her. You just feel that way now because you were recently together. If you let substantial time go by without talking to her AT ALL and keep working on yourself, you'll eventually meet a woman who will make you forget all about this crappy ex. And who won't break up with you for no reason, which is what your ex did. Just remember that. This girl BROKE UP with you. For no real reason even. She is not entitled to meet and "catch up" with you. She just wants your attention for her ego. And if you agree to meet up, you're just giving her what she wants and you get nothing.

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If you think she did you dirty, a) you should block her and b) you shouldn't even consider getting back together.


So you need to get your mind right about your perception of her. Think negatively, then walk away. If you want to get back together, well ... that prospect sounds like a lot of useless drama.

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