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Getting over those Ex's can be a task all in itself....

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Well it sometimes seems that getting over the ex's that you know can be a hard thing to do. some can get over their ex's with no problem but what about the others that have a hard time with it? knowing that they are still around and have a presense to you gives you a headache. but see it this way, if we didnt have strength in getting over them then we really be in the hole! everyone has their own way in dealing with their ex's and sometimes it works out and sometimes not. burning the stuff they gave to you can get some of that stress off your shoulders but the memories remain there forever. no matter what you do to get them out of your head. but what really matters the most is looking at it and seeing where your weak points are. when you see them, then you can work on getting those weak points out of there. when you make the cons into more pros then your getting out of that area that affects you mentally. since 13 it seems that now being 21 seeing my past relationships i really havent seen what is out there for me. but it also doesnt help that i lack the confidence that i need to talk to a woman. but im working on that and im getting a little more everytime i do. i just wanted to talk about this because it seems that we do have a hard time getting over those ex's and it can get progressively harder when they start to explain deep feelings that may make you think that they might care for you again when they probably dont, and then make it worse when they blow it off and ignore you about it when you ask. that right there can twist your head around faster then you can catch it. sure, it is something we dont want to deal with but we cant help it sometimes. but just knowing that you can get over makes better for one persons life than making it hard and unwilling. well everyone thought i give my thoughts on this hope to hear from you all. take care.

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Being 42, I am just now beginning to realize a frightening thought - it seems to me that when you meet someone new, the passion is there, the love is there, and everything seems all hunky dory - and then the passion dies, the love dies, and before you know it, male or female - all of us - irregardless how we face it - we're automatically on the run again, looking for fresh meat.


Scary because it equates to me that no matter if I end up in another relationship or not, the passion is never forever, with the exception of a few brave souls who stick it out AND actually maintain their passion for one another.


I'm on day four of my separation already and my god, wouldn't it be nice to meet a lady friend just to talk to? My biggest issue is that I'm coming out of the pan and into the fire and most people look at that as dangerous. I'm just seeking female discussion - even though it is very unlikely that will happen. Coping along, the guilt still high but I know, after reading the posts in here, it'll eventually be on the decline.


Getting over the ex WILL be a challenge, believe me. I am doing this to see how I do on my own. When you've been with someone for 12 years it will take a toll on you when you separate. But there's light at the end of the tunnel.

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Hey guys,


It does suck being alone again, especially after getting used to someone always being there, someone there to hold and cuddle with. I try not to think of it that way though, I think "It's great not having to come home and make dinner for someone at this time or cleaning up after someone else". Call me cynical or whatever, but that's the way I got myself to see it. Then again when I got out and see all of these couples and I'm alone I can't help but to feel like a loser.....*sigh* . Oh well, I'm going to make the best of my solitude, I hope you all can try and do the same. Good luck to you all 8) .

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I was in a 8 year relationship with this guy was my 1st and when it was over it almost killer me I was so use to coming home to see him anf having some one there and yes he did cook most of the meals.

But when it came to loveing some one he had no clue. I was the oen who seems to have it all together and even at the end I still did. I still miss having some one at night to hold on to but the pain goes away.

It has been over a year now but I still see him and I will have the pains he has left behind. will we every be completely over them, I think in time all will be removed from the past. Being in the same town does not help.

The pain is still there and one day soon I will meet the one for me who will make all that go away.

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thanks for repling and sharing your opinons. it just sometimes seems that we never escape it. hey the way it is, it will be for as long as we live. and dealing with it the right way makes it so that we can sleep at night. maybe not at first. but we manage. well all i know is that if it's the case that i need to position myself to realize that it's hopeless to keep seeing what i can do to see if she can see what im feeling again. but it's all that path in life that we go through. it will be that way for life. well ill talk to you all later. take care and hang in there. later.

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