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Ex cut off all contact confused

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I broke up with my ex two months ago. It was not exactly amicable since she behaved with a lot of anger and hostility although I was in no moment bombarding her with texts or calls or acting creepily, I was playing it cool. One day she texts me and called me swearing saying how I was not worth it and never wanted to see me again. She then texted me a week later saying how I was a great guy and she would remember me fondly. I answered back that I felt the same way. She later proceeded to block me on all channels except direct phone call. She started seeing a guy two days after dumping me. Should I move on? Is there still any chance this new guy isn't serious and she misses me? My gut gives me conflicting emotions and I' not sure if it's worth it. I could use some advice.

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There's a phrase I heard a long time ago that seems to make sense of alot of things, women act on their hearts, men act on logic. Neither one is right I think. Having witnessed this recently from my sisters point of view I believe when men do the logical thing of stepping back the woman gets angry that he never cared enough to be upset/angry that you haven't messaged her. Does that make sense?. I think if she's still messaging then she will still I've feelings there. Regardless if it's an angry message or a heartfelt one. If she's dating someone else already then it's a rebound and probably not going to go anywhere if it's true. I'd say don't rush into another relationship. For every year you are with someone you need a month alone to get your head straight. But if in your heart you want to be with her then don't let the chance slip away through stubbornness.

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First of all, as long as u believe ur not worth it, ur simply not, plz change that. Why wouldn't you be worth it??

, I guess she doesn't know what she wants, and you gotta be strong,

from where I see it, you are more mature than her, so give her some time, in the meantime work on yourself, do the best you can for ur own life and I promise you the moment you start feeling like you really enjoy ur life and value yourself, people will notice,

and let her play her game, the fact that she is blocking you means she has Sth for you, but she is not mature enough to think about what she wants in life and act on it


Since I'm a girl : (Remember the fact that she , ignoring you is making u want her more, it's a thing all girls use to attract attention) but why wouldn't she just get her self together and tell u directly? Think about it. (Immaturity)



and unfortunatly we can never force ppl to grow, it's a path they have to take.

If u want her ( ur a guy, you should go for her) tell ur self that as I find the right time, I will talk to her, tell her how I feel, what I want, she is gonna either accept or reject and be ok in both ways! You did ur best!!! That's beautiful!


maybe, as ur working on urself, sb comes in to ur life that really appreciates the "love" and the "care" you give her.

Best of luck

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Sounds like a rebound or somehow she was interested in or even possibly seeing before dumping you. You have conflicting emotions and from what you wrote, she does too. Take time apart, no contact, and get your emotions in check so you can look at things objectively. Remember that the old relationship is dead and gone, so if the possibility of trying again comes up, you'd be starting off with a clean slate.


I always operated under the impression if she's with someone else, let them be and focus on you.

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What do you mean.. should you move on? YOU are the one who ended it.


WHY did you? Are whatever broke you up 'better now'? Has anything changed?


OR.. as YOU Just reacting because she is seeing someone new? Don't react.


Leave her alone and rspectfully walk away.


IF you are wanting to see about getting her back int he future.. give her space to date this one... work on what broke you two up.. then see, in time IF she comes back in a positive way.


But.. remember.. IF she has you blocked now.. may be possible she is done


In that case be prepared to NOT be involved with her again.. to work on accepting and moving on.

Try 30 days No contact.

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Wow what a mess. She's in roller coaster mode. Yeah, this guy's just a warm body for now, but I would still not hold out. She is giving you conflicting emotions, not your gut. That's why no contact will help you realign things.

One day she texts me and called me swearing saying how I was not worth it and never wanted to see me again. She then texted me a week later saying how I was a great guy and she would remember me fondly.
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My policy now is that if it's a one-sided breakup and someone doesn't want to be with me and we've discussed and gone over it - and they have still decided it's over - I'm done. No being friends, no contact. Nothing. I've healed so much faster when I've taken that approach and the pain lessens more quickly. They don't get ANY part of me and the no contact is for ME to heal, not some manipulative way to try and make them 'miss what they had'. She is likely doing the same.

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