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Boyrfriend Dielmma


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Ok so I have a relationship question. My boyfriend went out of town and I lost my phone and i logged onto instagram in another phone and someone went into my account and wrote him a rude message and deleted the whole conversation. Then I talked to him and explained the situation and he said its okay and then he sent me a picture of where he went and i said nice! and that was the whole conversation. Recently i found out my friend talked to him and he told her tell her that he said hi and she said i can't believe about that instagram message r u still going to talk to her? You shouldn't talk her I wouldn't. And that I freaked out about the situation. And he said tell her to relax and then she said i did she still freaked out. Now I messaged him on Facebook hey and he didn't reply but he saw the message and he's been on Facebook all day. And he's suppose to come back Monday. What should I do?

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uh did you tell her about what happened, or is she telling on herself? she may have been the one to take your phone and try to destroy your relationship. your "friend" isnt your friend. one, Id NEVER text my friends boyfriend. thats weird. Two, If she said "You shouldnt talk to her, I wouldnt" then she is DEFF trying to get your man, and if not that, shes at least destroying yalls relationship. that . Find you a new friend. And maybe your bf needs to calm down. Just give him time.

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I'd send my boyfriend a message telling him the friend is acting suspicious, you think she's doing it, and you and he need to dump her out of your lives right now. So both of you are blocking and deleting her off everything. And then I'd do just that and tell her you gave your man a heads up on the game she's trying to play and she needs to stay away from the two of you.


I think she stole your phone and is busy trying to steal your man since she seemed to know an awful lot about the whole issue AND then tried to get him to think you did it. The normal reaction of a friend is to come to your defense, not try to fan the flames further.


You have a frenemy on your hands here, a friend who is an enemy, and working hard to break you two up. Dump her and move on. Put the app "Lookout Security" on your phone and the next time it gets lost set off the alarm on it. Guarantee it'll ring and drive her crazy. Plus it can take a picture and send it to you of the person who stole your phone, so yep get that little app.

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