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Should I tell him that he may be my unborn baby's father?


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So I slept with 2 guys a few days apart and I'm not sure which one is the father. I spoke to my doctor about the situation and he said that the dates are so close that either one could be the father so my best bet is to get a paternity test. Ok I understand that I have to do that but should I tell guy #1 that I am 8 months pregnant? He had no idea that I was even pregnant until a few days ago when I accepted his friend request on Facebook. Guy #2 knows that I'm pregnant and thinks the baby is his.

How do I tell guy one that the baby might be his? I'm so scared. I've known him 5 years and we've always had a good relationship.

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Definitely better than pointing at your belly and screaming "This may be your fault!!" ;-)


LOL....I kind of like that approach..... followed by "So, how about we drive down to the nearby lab to make sure."


Anyway, on a serious note OP, it's really not fair of you to drag this out. Either way it's going to be awkward. Even with the guy who thinks it's probably his, when you ask for him to do a paternity test, he will have questions. So just be prepared to answer them tactfully.


Anyway, you had sex with one, then you went on to date and have sex with the other. It's just life and they both know what they did with you and what the potential consequences might be any time you sleep with someone. So just speak up. You don't need to say, "Oh I slept with you both 2 days apart" - pregnancy is not quite that precise, so I'd gloss over that if you want, but you still need to bring them both up to date on what's going on.


In short, keep it simple. With your friend, just tell him, "hey remember when we.....so could be yours. You also know we parted ways and I dated someone else for awhile, could be his. However, I need to know and wanted to let you know there is a possibility the baby is yours. Could you please do a paternity test with me. Thank you."

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Just wait one more month and find out. No need in having that guy sweating it out for 30 days waiting for the news.


After the baby is born let them both know that there is some question to who the father is and ask for them to go to the clinic to provide a cheek swab.


After all this is over and the father is revealed I think it is a good idea to get yourself some condoms so you don't find yourself in this situation again.


I hope you have a happy healthy baby



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Something to ask your doctor about. It looks like the technology to do safe, non-invasive prenatal paternity tests has been advancing. Maybe you can have it done before the baby's born. (Based on cells in your blood, not worth sticking a amniotic needle in to get the baby's blood, imho)

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